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All the data is derived from satellite imagery and is geo-referenced using high accuracy DGPS. Every attempt is made for high positional accuracy of map features so that it can be used with GPS and different services on web e.g. Google Earth.

A.  Administrative Boundaries:

State, District, Tehsil & Town Boundary
     Major Attributes available are:

  1. State Name
  2. District Name
  3. Tehsil Name
  4. No.of Households
  5. Total Population
  6. Male Population
  7. Female Population
  8. Percentage Literacy
  9. Percentage Male Literacy
  10. Percentage Female Literacy
  11. Sex ratio
  12. Percentage Households Using Electricity
  13. Percentage Households Using LPG/PNG fuel for Cooking
  14. Percentage Households Using Banking Services
  15. Percentage Households Using Radio/Transistor
  16. Percentage Households Using Television
  17. Percentage Households Using Computer/Laptop
  18. Percentage Households Using Computer/Laptop with internet
  19. Percentage Households Using teledensity
  20. Percentage Households Using Scooter/Motorcycle/Moped
  21. Percentage Households Using Car/Jeep/Van
  22. Percentage Households with TV, Computer/Laptop, Landline/Mobile Phone and Scooter/Car
  23. Percentage Households with None of the assets
  24. Prosperity Index

Derived from census 2011 maps and is geo-referenced using landsat ETM satellite imagery. All the published 2011 census data is linked to map.


B. Transport:

National Highways, State Highways, Road connectivity to all census towns and all villages above population 5000 and All roads within million plus cities (attributes: roadname)

Road network is derived from high resolution satellite imagery. Therefore positional accuracy should be very high and most of the times should be within 5 to 10m. This can be used for routing applications.

Railway Stations, Rail Network (attributes: region, track, gauges)

Rail network is derived from high resolution satellite imagery and we have to cover every railway route in India. Therefore positional accuracy should be very high and most of the times should be within 5 to 10m. We also have tried to cover every railway station.

Airports (attributes: Type of Aircraft, Type of airport, Governing Body, Land Area Acres, ElevationRunway Length & Width, IATA code and more.), Ports (attributes:Port Type, Current port capacity, Unctadcode, Overhead limits, Channel depth, Anchorage depth and more)

      Ports and airports are positioned using high resolution satellite imagery and should cover almost all.


C. Places:

All census towns (with census population data)

All census villages (with census population data)

Areanames in all million plus cities


D. Water Network:

MajorRivers, Lakes and wetlands

       Inside cities is derived from high resolution satellite imagery and outside cities is derived from landsat ETM imagery.


E. POIs: 

    Major POIs in following categories:

Recreational (Cinema Halls, Amusement Park, Park/Recreation Area & More, attributes: name, no.of seats,soundsystem, film_territory, capacity_per_show, no_of_screens, phone_no. and more.)

Education (Schools, Colleges & more, attributes: name, total_male/female_teacher, total_boys/girls, boys/girls_std1_to_std12 , stream and more.)

Healthcare (Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Other Educational Institute & More, attributes: name, no_of_beds, doctors_name, timming, phone_no. and more.)

Finance (Banks, ATMs, Credit Society & More, attributes: name, branch_name, br_code, ifsccode, micrcode, phone_no. and more.)

Shopping (Mall, Gift, Antique & Art, Jewellery & More, attributes: name, address, phone and more.)

Petrol Pump ( attributes: name, phone_no, company_name, creditcard, other_facilities and more.)

      Major POIs are captured using secondary sources and physical survey.

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