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Biond Pincode Map

Which are the prosperous areas of the country? How fast they are growing? Who are the prospective customers? These are the basic questions which every marketer wants to answer. Until now, most of the analyses used to be limited to state, district or town level. Biond is now providing platform to answer these questions at next level of granularity i.e. pincode.Pincode maps with attributes as listed below are available in any format required.

Biond has created a Prosperity Index for pincodes. For the first time one can see the intracity variation in prosperity. Biondís Prosperity Index is derived from household ownership of assets and average penetration level of these assets.

Now customer database can be easily linked to pincode and will throw spatial pattern in your current business, pinpoint which are your growth areas. Current business can be compared against demographic and prosperity data. This will allow you to gain insight, derive business trends and formulate strategy.

Major Attributes available are:

1. State name

2. District name

3. Tehsil name

4. Name

5. Total Household

6. Total Population

7. Total Male

8. Total Female

9. Literacy

10. Male Literacy

11. Female Literacy

12. Sex ratio

13. Percentage Households Using Electricity

14. Percentage Households Using LPG/PNG fuel for Cooking

15. Percentage Households Using Banking Services

16. Percentage Households Using Radio/Transistor

17. Percentage Households Using Television

18. Percentage Households Using Computer/Laptop

19. Percentage Households Using Computer/Laptop with internet

20. Percentage Teledensity

21. Percentage Households Using Scooter/Motorcycle/Moped

22. Percentage Households Using Car/Jeep/Van

23. Percentage Households with TV, Computer/Laptop, Landline/Mobile Phone and Scooter/Car

24. Percentage Households with None of the assets

25. Prosperity Index

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