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Enterprises have spent lot of money and effort in building their GIS systems. But unfortunately these systems are used today by few users only. Extend the reach of the GIS applications by allowing access to GIS data over the mobile. This will allow use of GIS in everyday decision making processes. This will also create simpler work flow processes for field data capture, getting user feedback through redlining feature. Allow easier way to locate your field assets through mobile GPS.

Salient Features:
  • Access to enterprise GIS data with interface similar to Google Maps.
  • Use of GPS to locate field assets.
  • Redlining : allows users to mark-up images with graphics and text that describes a particular problem with the map and GIS data (e.g. missing hydrants, incorrect addresses, misaligned street segments, etc.).
  • Allow you to cache map data so that app can work in offline mode.


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