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Today one of the pressing problem for any enterprise is to capture position and data about its retail locations. And if these outlets are spread across India then its very costly and time consuming process thus making it almost impossible to implement. But your staff is visiting these outlets on regular basis. Why not provide mobile app to your field employee which will capture the coordinates, relevant data and photographs of outlet. This will be updated into central database in realtime. This will allow speedier implementation of enterprise GIS system and in a cost effective manner.

Salient Features:
  • Access to enterprise GIS data with interface similar to Google Maps.
  • Use of GPS to mark retail outlet.
  • Custom defined data capture form for retail outlet.
  • Allow you to cache map data so that app can work in offline mode.
  • Ability to capture multiple photographs of retail outlet for reference.
  • Ability to capture data and update it to central server in realtime mode or through later synching of data.


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