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Today public has access to better than 1m resolution satellite imagery. You can see development pattern, landuse pattern, infrastructure built, housing quality. Corporates are publishing information about their retail network. Government is publishing lot of information like hourly weather record, daily mandi arrivals, stats about bank deposit and loans etc. with time, quantum and quality of information will only improve.


Now why not move your old modelling techniques to more scientific GIS based techniques using above mentioned data and satellite imagery. We can build models to predict how valuable each highway in terms of traffic, which roads in city are more valuable, what are the better locations for retail outlets, which areas of India are growing and how fast.

GIS Modelling Examples:
  • Gravity Modelling for predicting highway traffic between top 100 cities of India.
  • Car sales model based on car ownership data from census 2011.
  • Grid model to predict how many stay in every km of India and how fast these areas are progressing.
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