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We are a Geo-Intelligence Company focused on locating the target customer anywhere within India. Our Geospatial India data and Technology enable customers to zoom in onto the smallest of geographies, be it a village in India or a building in any city. Biond helps organizations maximize the success of their marketing spend by narrowing the focus with pinpoint precision. We seek to be in a high state of Readiness with data and solutions so that we can deliver value to the customer speedily.

Wealth of Data

The Floodgates of Data have opened. Municipal, State and Central Governments are publishing tomes of data on the web. Corporates are publishing information about their outlets and dealers. Within Organisations, data with finer granularity is pouring in. Data such as SKU wise retail outlet sales, daily stock positions, competition indicators are getting reported. GPS enabled smart phones are becoming omnipresent and with the wireless internet, are enabling waves of Point of sale data in Realtime. Individuals are networking, publishing blogs, geo tagging photographs and correcting errors in datasets. We at Biond believe that Geo Based platform is ideal for extracting wealth from this Data deluge.

Data Collection

Our large dedicated field data collection Team, our fleet of vehicles, the countries largest assembly of Differential GPS sets and automated collection technologies ensure the highest standards of data authenticity, accuracy and comprehensiveness. It is on solidity of this data platform that we are able to roll out solutions on a scale and with a speed that is very hard to match.

Additionally, we have built data extraction engines that continually scour the web and populate databases on a scale that humanly impossible.

Data Granularity

All villages of India, every town, complete road network across the length and breadth of India, within towns and cities, district boundaries, tehsil / taluka boundaries, electoral and municipal ward boundaries, slum boundaries, pincode boundaries, gigabytes of public domain Government and Corporate Data extracted automatically. Name, age and sex of every adult in every building, every bank branch, every ATM, every company dealer, outlets, showrooms …. Vast amounts of micro level data.

Data Updation

We have built technologies that detect changes in landbase data, enabling us to update the entire data at very short turnaround times. These automated methodologies keep the underlying data in a constant state of battle readiness, making our solutions pertinent to the present.

Data Models

We are creating models that allow us to characterize every 1Km x 1Km cell of India. The Model spews out, for each KM grid cell of India, the Population, GDP, average income, rate of growth and almost any other selectable variable. This is the engine of our Delivery machine, allowing us to offer high end Pan India solutions to customers. We catalyse strategies to mop up the richest pickings.

Our Offerings

We offer Tabular Data, Geo-Spatial Data, Standardised Reports, Commissioned Reports, Intranet Solutions, Subscription based Internet Services, Mobile data solutions including Server to Field device and Field Device to Server solutions, Geocoding Services and Strategy Consulting.

We will be happy to discuss our offerings for your particular needs. Please call or e-mail as suitable.

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